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Signature line

Rackmail signature line allows only one image.  If you want to have more, we have a client that recommends https://emailsignaturerescue.com/  It costs around $60/year and is completely separate from AccuNet.  We do not provide any support for the 3rd party service.

The Signature line is for email you send through RackMail’s webmail service.  This signature line will not appear emails you send from Outlook.

Add a Signature

After you login,
Choose Settings (Upper right hand corner – It’s the three horizontal lines to the right of your email address)  Click on the bars and choose Settings.
Choose Composing Email
Choose the Signatures tab
Choose Add New Signature button
Fill in a Signature Name
Edit Signature:  This field is either HTML or Plain Text.  Make sure to choose HTML if you want to place an image with your signature.
Upload Image, select Alignment of image from drop down.  Note:  the image must be uploaded in the correct size.  You can not correct image size in the Add New Signature form field.
Choose Identities tab
Either create a new identity or Choose Identity email for the signature you want to apply and choose edit.
Choose Default Signature drop down menu and choose the appropriate signature title.
Choose OK
Make sure to review the check boxes under the Signature field.  They give you multiple options of when your signature will appear on your emails.
Choose Save


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