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Email Encryption (SSL / TLS)

Rackmail is capable of automatically encrypted transmission.

It uses “Opportunistic” TLS, meaning it will first use encryption if possible, then non-encrypted if the other party is not capable of encryption.

There are at least 3 paths to any message journey
You —-> Your Mail Server —-> Their Mail Server —-> Them

The first path between you and your mailserver (Rackmail) will be encrypted if you setup outlook to send this way.
Provided you use encrypted port#’s in your mail client, this path will be encrypted.

These are the ports we always recommend, so this part should be encrypted for you.

The second path between mailservers will be encrypted, ONLY IF the other mailserver supports it. If not, then it will be unencrypted.

The third path is dependent on both the recipient’s mailserver AND the recipient’s outlook settings.


The encryption strength for both Webmail and SMTP/IMAP is: 2048 bit public key

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