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Mailbox access blocked – violation of TOS

Rackmail email service has automated safeguards in place to protect the reputation of:
– Individual mailboxes
– Domain names (all mailboxes on a domain)
– Rackmail infrastructure (all domains and users)

Access to your mailbox will be blocked if the following occurs:

  1. Your mail account is sending bulk messages (spam).
    • a) This can be due to the user intentionally doing bulk mailing,
    • b) or if the password was compromised and someone else is using your account to send spam.
  2. Your mail account is accessed from an IP address with a bad reputation.
    • IP addresses that are known to harbor bad actors (hackers, spammers) are not allowed to access mailboxes.
    • This can happen when your password is compromised, and a hacker logs into your mailbox.

 Steps to follow when your account access is blocked.

1a) Bulk mailing.  If you are sending bulk messages, find another service to do this.  Bulk mailing/spamming is not allowed.  Call us and we can re-enable your account.  As long as you don’t send out bulk mailing, your mailbox will be back to normal.

1b) or 2)  Compromised password.

Guessed password:  If your password is too simple, the bad guys can guess it and gain access to your account.

Exposed password: This happens when you use the same password for multiple logins, and the password is exposed on other services, then  sold/given to other hackers.

Scammed password:  This happens if the bad guys send you an email message to trick you into signing into a malicious website – which seems legitimate. Once you’ve done this, they have your password.


The solution to all of the above is the same. Changing your password will fix the problem.  Call us and we will help you change your password and re-enable your account.   Keep in mind, that if you use the same password in any other service (like your bank or social media), you should also change the password in these other services.


What to do if it happens again:

In most cases, changing the password is enough.  However, if your mailbox account is blocked again in the near future, you likely have a larger problem of a virus/malware that is leaking your password out to the bad guys.  In this instance we can’t turn your mailbox back on until you’ve verified that you have run a virus/malware scan on ALL of your devices you use to send/receive mail.


Limited Support Options

Assisting in finding where/how your password is being compromised, is beyond the scope of our included email support.  You may require the assistance of a device (phone, PC, Mac) specialist.

Additional time spent resolving this issue may be billed as hourly support.


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