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Mailbox Full? Options to Consider

There are options to consider when you hit the upper limit of email storage.

  1. Duplicate your mailbox.  Name the duplicated one youraddress-archive@yourdomain.  Clean out your existing mailbox.
  2. Rename your existing mailbox (youraddress-archive@yourdomain).  Create a new, empty mailbox using your existing email address.  This saves you the time of deleting messages, but the mailbox will be completely empty, with no folder structure.
  3. Set up email archiving on your domain.  This service copies every email received and sent for EVERY mailbox (no exceptions) for a domain.

    The Archive administrator has access to all email for all mailboxes and can set up additional users that can view specific search criteria (like an email address or search phrase.) The search function is fast and dependable.

    Why Do I Need Email Archiving?
    Compliance building – Email Retention is a key component of any effective compliance plan. Let Email Archiving help you build a corporate compliance policy that scales to keep you covered.

    Legal preparedness – Don’t wait for a subpoena to discover the value of email archiving. Power your email with Email Archiving technology to proactively prepare your organization for e-discovery.

    Message recovery – Has a user accidentally deleted an email? Don’t worry, with one click administrators can forward the messages of any individual user back to that user’s inbox, eliminating stress over lost or deleted emails.

    Disaster recovery and business continuity – How safe is your email? With Email Archiving your messages stay safe and accessible from 2 data centers at opposite sides of the United States.

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