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How to Put Any Module or Row on Hold


The 1. Standard Button title is hidden in below image.



If you want to put content on hold, there is a very simple way of doing that:

Click on the module settings for any module

Go to the advanced tab

Go to the display dropdown menu

Change it from “always” to never.

Now, the module will not appear on the live website.

If you want to change this back, just go back to the display menu and change the display from never to always.

Every module, column and row has an Advanced tab.  Every Advanced tab has a Display option.  When you choose “Never” the module/column/row/ is put on hold.  For reference, when you open the Advanced tab, it defaults to Always – as in always published.


When looking at the page, AND you are logged in, you will still see the content, BUT there is a blue eye in upper right corner.  When you are logged out you will not see this module/row/column display

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