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How to Login



Left-click on the URL address bar near the top of the screen.
Do not use the search bar in the middle of the screen.

Type in the URL address of your website.

Hit enter.

This brings you to your site homepage.
Left-click again on the address bar, keep left-clicking in a blank area until nothing is selected. < Type “forward-slash login” at the end of the URL address

This brings you to the login page.
Left-click on the “Password” box and enter your password as given by AccuNet.

Left-click on “Log In”
You are now logged in to your website, and can make edits to it.


Fill in the email address and password given to you.


You will land at the backend admin of the website.  It is very important to remember the upper left hand corner of the page. Click on this house to view your website and be able to edit it on the front end.

It is important to remember the house and dial .  They are located in the same place (upper left corner) and move you from the back end to the front end and vice versa.  You will complete almost ALL edits on the front end using the PAGE BUILDER.

After you save a module, the edits are NOT SAVED until your CLOSE and PUBLISH your page.

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