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Caching Explained

When using Civic Clarity or Clarity Cloud you will experience two types of caching.

First, there is browser caching.  This is where your computer/device will locally save parts of a webpage to speed up display. If you notice a change you just published not presenting on the website page, it might be due to your browser holding on to old information, to be showing cached information.  To clear the cache so that you can see your changes necessitates you reloading/refreshing the page.  Holding down Ctrl + F5 keys works for many browsers on a PC.  Command + R on a Mac.

The second type of cache is server caching. This is where the server will save a complete copy of a page for a fast response to visitors.  Normally this is automatically kept up to date whenever you make changes.  If you have tried Ctrl + F5 and still don’t see the saved edits, use the Push Updates link at the top, on the black bar.  This forces our server to clear its cache, which should force your computer to update, then then so you should see the change.

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