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Website Department Editor – with Restricted Access

When an organization needs to have an employee have their website editing access limited to certain pages or posts/notifications, they need the Department Editor role added to their website.  For comparison, our standard service feature allows you to have multiple Website Editors who can edit and create on any page or post.  Whereas the Dept. Editor can only manage pages/posts that they “own” (where they are the author/creator of the content).


Below is a listing of how the Dept. Editor operates:


  • Can fully manage (create/edit/publish/delete) their own pages/posts
  • Can not manage pages/posts that were created by other editors.
  • Can not manage post categories.

Calendar Events

  • Can fully manage their own events and locations.
  • Can not manage others’ events or locations.
  • Can not manage event categories.


Image Library

  • Can upload images/files to any folder.
  • Can create a new folder anywhere.
  • Can use any image, in any folder in the library, when editing website pages/posts/events.
  • Can not manage images/files others have uploaded.


Document Library

  • Can upload documents to any folder.
  • Can manage (edit/delete/assign to folder) any of their own documents.
  • Can not manage others’ documents.
  • Can not manage (edit/move/delete) folders
  • Can not change the default sort order within folders.




  • Content can only belong to a single Dept. Editor at a time.
  • Two different Dept. Editors can not manage the same content.
  • Dept. Editors can create/edit/delete without approval, only allow people you trust to edit your site.
  • Website Editors or Website Admins can manage any/all Dept. Editor created content.
  • Website Editors or Website Admins may edit the “author/owner” information for any content, to allow a Dept. Editor to manage content they did not previously create.


You can have multiple Department Editors, though each user is considered an add on feature.  This means if you have 4 website editors and two of them are restricted to be Department Editors, there is a $120/year fee ($60/year for each website author.) The $60/year covers training the website author on their section of the website and future customer support.

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