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Website Admin

This position has more capability and training needs than the standard Website Editor. The Admin of the website has all the abilities of the Editor plus:

  1. Control of adding subscribers and website editors.  If you have password protected private pages you need the ability to add/delete subscribers.
  2. Control of creating forms/surveys/polls.  AccuNet charges for our time to create these online engagement pages.  Website Admin’s are trained on how to create these online forms.  The client needs to weigh the AccuNet cost of creating the form against their resource cost to internally manage this feature.
  3.  Control of updating menus:  AccuNet does not charge to manage your menus for you.  As your website grows and changes pages will be added and subtracted.  Call AccuNet and we will edit your menu to reflect the pages you want published as part of your customer service.  A website admin has the power to edit the website menus, though it is not under our customer support umbrella.  This means that AccuNet will charge for our time to fix any menu issues that were created by the website admin.

This position has a separate annual support fee.

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