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Private Pages

Two types of private pages

One Login for All

Private pages under one login are simply pages that have a Visibility of “Password protected”

Pages nested under the private page will not be crawled by browsers, unless they are linked to from another source or page.  AccuNet only charges for our time if assistance is needed in page set up.


Individual Subscribers

Our service offers the ability for you to have a Private Member section with multiple pages that are accessed through lone login page. If someone tries to access a private page they are given an error message and given a link to this login page.

We will create a form on the website so that clients can have interested parties request login credentials. Clients will manage the actual set up of username and password in the backend of the website. Once the client has set up the new user, our service will automatically email the member their credentials.  Note, there is no front end sign up form for your users.  This option has set up time cost and an annual service fee because the website editor is upgraded to Website Admin.

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