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AccuNet offers an eNotification system for your interested viewers.  People can sign up on your website to receive automatic emails from you when you post specific new content on your website.  This is helpful if you have clients or potential clients that want to be notified about new posts on a consistent basis.

You can add our social push for added automation and efficiency.

How AccuNet’s eNotification pricing works

Our feature offers your website viewer the ability to sign up for email notification to one category, or department.  If you want additional categories/departments, each one has its own annual fee.  Your viewer can sign up for multiple notifications on one form.

Example:  You are a government website and your residents sign up for outside burn alerts.  This is one category.  If your DPW wants its own notification for holiday/seasonal pick up, that is an additional category.

If you decide that these departments need to post their own notifications (not go through your main website editor), then you need to add an additional add on feature – Department Editor.

Here is an example of an email sent out through our eNotification system.

AccuNet integrates the e-Notificaiton service into the website, but leaves the management of the emails and newsletters as an outside login.  This way non website editors have the ability to create newsletters and email blasts.

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