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Fancy Heading (Background Image)

A unique feature of the Fancy Heading is to have the title use an image as the background.


  • For this tutorial I am on the module demonstration page of the demo website. I will be re-creating this heading, which has an image in the background. 
  • Open the modules menu by clicking the blue plus icon.
  • Click on the magnifying glass and type “fancy.”
  • Drag and drop the “Fancy Heading” module from the CC Power Modules section. 
  • On the general tab, 
    • Enter in the title you want. In this case, that is “October Pumpkin Fest”
    • Change the “Type” field to “Clip to Image.”
    • In the image field, click edit.
    • This will open the media library. Find the image you want, select it, and click “Select Photo.” In my case, it is this pumpkin image.
  • Go to the typography menu. All the changes made here are in imitation of the other heading, and may or may not apply to your heading.
    • Change the “HTML Tag” to “h1”
    • Open up the font menu.
      • Change the font family to “Montserrat”
      • Change the weight to ultra-bold
        • Making the heading bold is recommended for any fancy heading, as the image will be more clear.
      • Change the size to 88
  • Click save



Note:  We suggest this module for the image background options.  There are other options you can explore.



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