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Standard Heading (Title)

AccuNet will create default heading sizes and fonts for your website. While “basic,” this is a useful heading for the article titles on your website.



< First, open the Page Builder

< Hover the mouse over the module and click on the wrench icon. This opens the module settings, which can also be accessed by just clicking on the module itself.

< The first field, the “Heading” field, can be used to edit the text of the module. Just click in the field and change the text to whatever is desired.

< The second field, the “HTML tag” field, refers to the font size of a heading, or title. AccuNet sets up the default font size for each heading at design creation. “h1” is the largest font size while “h6” is the smallest for a heading

< Clicking on the “Style” tab, then clicking on the color field allows editing of the text color.¬† Opening the font drop-down menu, font weight and size can also be edited.



You can customize by color and even change the font style, size, and weight, etc.




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