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Add New Organization

1 = Organization’s name

2 = Directory details that show up in the organizations specific page

3=  IMPORTANT:  To have property show up on Google map, you need to choose the link, “Click to Auto-fill…” and not fill out the address fields.

4 = Choose listing type.  Directory will display on Business Directory page and Available (Property) will show up on the Available Properties page

5 = Choose parent/sub categories

6 =  Add business logo or picture of the property

7 =  These 4 fields will only show up for listings that use the Listing Type = Available.  The fields can be kept for future use once the property is leased or sold as they will not show on a business directory listing.

8 =  Free form detail page.  This can be used if you want to promote special offers or business/property descriptions

9 = Publish the new listing.


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