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Video Content

If you have video content, such as product info, testimonials, training materials, etc. you may wish to display this content on your website.  The videos can either be embedded from a third party video service like YouTube OR they can be uploaded to your media library.

Recommended Method: YouTube 

The best way to present it on your website is by embedding YouTube videos.  The benefits are that the video will be streamed to your visitor, meaning it can be played sooner.  Also, the quality and size will better match your visitors device and connection type.


Alternate Method: Media Library

While this method might be simpler, it does not provide the best experience for your visitor.  Only use this method when you have a few small videos, such as those used as a row background.


Autoplay for videos

In general, we do not recommend attempting to have your videos automatically start playing (autoplay) when the page is loaded.  The primary reason is that it creates a poor user experience for your visitor, and could simply annoy them.  If the content is worth seeing, you visitor can take the action to play it.

Not supported by many browsers.  Because it is generally annoying and takes away control from the end user, most browsers are moving to disable autoplaying videos.  Mobile devices and tablets have limited support currently (2018).  Even if it does work today on some browsers, it is likely to stop working in the future.  If a browser blocks autoplay, there is nothing we can do to enable it.



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