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Back End Training & General Customer Support

Customer Support

AccuNet Web Services’ published customer service hours are 9a – 5p Monday – Friday.  You will always find us by the phones within these hours.  However, with prior notice we happily schedule training or customer service calls before, after or during weekends.  If your website editor has a non-standard schedule, we can accommodate.  

If you have a concern regarding your website after hours, always call or leave us an email with the issue.  We check messages and jump on any maintenance or security issues right away.  We also try to help with email issues or website editing questions and may email or call as needed during off hours to resolve the concern.


Website Training

Personal training can occur once the graphic design is implemented into the service, or later when you decide you want to learn.

While you are able to add as many editors to your website as you desire, you need to assign a maximum of two editor contacts to AccuNet. This means AccuNet will field website editing support calls from these two individuals only. These editors will be responsible for being your in-house technical support. Your assigned editors may change over time and we will train your new staff.


Preparing for Training Session

Expect the first training session to take about 30 minutes.  We teach you how to move between the front end administration area and the back end administration area.  We also instuct on how to edit existing content, images and maybe how to link content/images.

After you have mastered the basics of editing, you will either call us as you need us or we schedule more sessions to teach you the different features you want to edit on your own.

We provide a User’s Guide within your admin area with instructions on how to use any specialized features for your website, as well as a link to our general How To knowledge base.

During our remote online training sessions, most clients will be sharing their screen.  So that AccuNet can see your screen, we use the screen sharing service, Zoho Assist at zoho.com.

AccuNet will email you an invitation to download the application.  Once downloaded you will need to open it.  When opened, AccuNet will be able to see your screen and both you and AccuNet will be able to move the cursor.

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