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User Roles

Each Clarity Cloud website has the ability to have three types of editors.


Website Editor

This is the most common editor position.  You:

  1. Can create/edit/delete pages
  2. Can create/edit/delete posts
  3. Can upload/edit/delete images and documents in the media library


Website Administrator

There can be only one website admin for each website.  We do this because this position has more capability and more potential to cause disruption to the website. The Admin of the website has all the abilities of the Editor plus:

  1. Can create/edit menus
  2. Can create/delete users
  3. Can create/edit forms

NOTE: The above three expanded abilities are not covered by our standard customer service.  This means that if you have trouble and AccuNet needs to assist, we charge for our time. We actually strongly suggest that you don’t touch the menus, since management of them is completely covered by our customer service.


Website Author
A Website Author has restricted access and is considered an Add On Feature.

Document Central

  • Can create and edit THEIR OWN folder names but not delete them. Cannot see any other files or folders.
  • Can upload, edit, delete files in their own folders.

Image library

  • Can use any images, in any folder in the library.
  • Can put images/files in any folder.
  • Can only edit/delete files they have uploaded.


  • Can be assigned published content to edit.
  • Can create new “pending” content, but not publish it. Website Admin must publish it.
  • Once content is published they can edit it without approval, as long as they remain the assigned “author”.


  1. Content can only belong to a single author at a time.
  2. Two different Website Authors can not manage the same content.
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