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AccuNet Recommends Legal Consultation for GDPR

There is a whirlwind of emails hitting mailboxes about GDPR.  Does the EU General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR affect your website?  Truth is that your website vendor, AccuNet Web Services in this case, does not know.  Your safest course of action is to consult an attorney that understands its 99 articles.

The regulation’s purpose is to protect personal privacy.  It actually requires organizations to provide free of charge the ability for anyone to online search the company for any trace of personally identifiable information and be able to delete it at any time.  To comply with with GDPR seems like a herculean task.  At this point it is a European regulation and not application in the United States.  If you market your company to Europe you need to pay attention to this regulation.  If all your marketing and data collection activities are in the United States, the GDPR does not apply to you.

Two articles that we have come across that might be helpful are from Forbes.com and WorkPlacePrivacyReport.com

Again, we strongly suggest that you talk to a lawyer and not consider AccuNet an expert on any aspect of GDPR.

May, 2018




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