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View Entries & Confirmation Pages

The purpose of your Forms tab access is for you to be able to view your form entries.

Forms > hover over form, choose Entries


Some people have Website Admin status (standard is Website Editor), don’t realize their status, and will see additional options under their Forms tab.

If you are an Admin, and edit the forms in any way and run into trouble, AccuNet will help fix what ever went wrong.  However, this fix-process is not covered under our standard customer service and is billable time.  For this reason, call us if you need any edits.  Many times we can make the changes at no cost to you and if there is a cost we will quote you in advance of work.


Confirmation page set up

Each of your forms set up by AccuNet will have a Confirmation page.  The confirmation page is what the viewer sees after they have chosen the “submit” button.  The confirmation page is a great place to thank the viewer for taking the time to submit the form, when you will reply, or any other marketing that is appropriate at this time.  We will work with you to create content for this page and you can edit it at any time.










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