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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As part of our SEO consulting service we will:

  1. Either implement search phrases supplied by you or perform research and analysis to insure correct phrases are utilized within the site.  Implementation of these phrases includes adding these phrases to browser, page and article titles. We may also add the phrases to navigation and page URL’s as appropriate.
  2. Write and add page descriptions to designated SEO pages.
  3. Perform analysis as requested over time based on stated goals from you.
  4. Set up and/or teach you how to look at your Google reports.

AccuNet believes that proper SEO is vitally important before any paid advertising is implemented.

Regardless, during your training we will show you where within your back end website administration you can implement important SEO processes such as browser titles and page descriptions.

Here is an example of the backend admin area of a page where you input the title and page description.

seo backend

Here is a Google search engine page result listing of this same website page.

seo by page

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