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What is Clarity Cloud/Civic Clarity Service?


AccuNet Clarity Cloud/Civic Clarity is a cohesive solution that combines the following aspects of your website into a single offering, known in the technology field as the “Software as a Service,” or the SaaS delivery model.
Our SaaS makes the concern about software and upgrades a thing of the past.  The service is fast, reliable and secure; the technological aspects of maintaining the reliability of the website are the responsibility of the service provider, AccuNet Inc.  Just as you “use” your phone or cable service without concern for the programming language used to deliver these services, the same applies to our AccuNet Clarity Cloud or Civic Clarity service. Browser compatibility, Search Engine “friendliness” and hacker protection have already been proven out and the service regularly maintained and updated.

This means that you do not need to pay for the development, installation or upgrades of the backend content management system.  Because of our unique delivery model and our time-tested setup and support procedures, the AccuNet Clarity Cloud/Civic Clarity website perfectly balances budget constraints against the needs of content ownership and functional design.  Below outlines our SaaS, “AccuNet Clarity Cloud/Civic Clarity Service”:

AccuNet uses close-by hosting facilities that are known for their quality.  We definitely never use the low price provider.  Websites using our hosting platform enjoy the following:

A speedy website.  Fast loading websites increase visitor satisfaction,encourages users to view more pages, decrease bounce rates, and increase search rankings

Reliability.  Our hosting solution has a proven track record of keeping your website running 24/7.  You will not lose visitors and search ranking due to your website experiencing off line time.

Nightly remote backups.  You’ll forget that we do them, until there is a problem. It is piece of mind that no content will be lost during security and maintenance updates and it is relatively easy to recover from operator or server error and hacker attempts or natural disasters.

Continuous improvement is our mantra.  Based on client feedback we add or enhance features to Clarity Cloud/Civic Clarity Service on a regular basis.  The core of our Clarity Cloud/Civic Clartity service is based upon a Curated WordPress platform.  This platform allows us to offer the widest feature set at the lowest cost. Current features are explained within the body of this proposal.

Each site is protected from malware and hackers by an active firewall and regular security scans.

The monthly service covers AccuNet’s oversight of website maintenance and functionality updates.

Customer Support
The monthly service fee includes website editor training and email for the domain with webmail interface.  It also includes phone support unless indicated in the appendix descriptions or an hourly fee.The missing chapter is about keeping the chosen software and the server patched, reliable and secure. Also about support for questions & suggestions on how to best use the software to achieve your goals.

A good analogy to better understand why AccuNet Clarity Cloud/Civic Clarity service is more advantageous to an organization versus developing a website without post launch service is how people go about owning a car. Some people buy used; they even might spend almost nothing on one, and if they are lucky with their purchase, and are handy with a wrench (or know a mechanic that will give a deal), they can have pretty reliable transportation on the cheap. (That’s my 18 y.o. son.) The other end of the spectrum is the person who wants to lease their car, with the maintenance rolled in, fully warrantied, and doesn’t want to spend time thinking about upkeep. <– This is what AccuNet does for websites, we make owning a website easy.

I think everyone understands that cars need maintenance, but often they don’t think about the fact that websites (software + server) do too.



Our Clarity Cloud/Civic Clarity service encompasses more than just your website.  It is a full Internet marketing service.  Clarity Cloud clients receive discounted consulting rates for Local SEO, SEO, and paid online advertising at Google and Facebook.  Call us to learn more

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